She sewed this on me

The design is beautiful, the fabrics are high quality and heavy. I really like the cut!

Bav – Montréal, Canada

Perfect for any occasion

Fast delivery, the parcel smells great and it’s just great! Very loose and chic. Makes you feel comfortable.

Mel – Montréal, Canada

The packaging is top-notch, with a delicate touch!

Women supporting women! I have just received my dress from JELANI, with a delicate touch. It’s beautiful! If you have other models, don’t hesitate to send them to me.

Alexa – Paris, France

Very satisfied!

Thank you so much for the gift!!! I wanted these hats so bad!!! I would like to order another one with the ndop fabric for next week please!!!! I love it so much !!!

M. – Douala, Cameroun

I’ve just received the dress and it’s really beautiful. Plus it’s made from a good fabric, not to mention the eau de toilette that comes with it. Thank you Jelani Store.

Catherine – Canada

The dress is magnificent

  • Sewing, professional finishes
  • The quality of the fabric
  • Product identical to the photo on the website
  • No need to wear perfume when wearing the garment
  • The price is worth it
  • When it’s good, it’s good!

A. – Canada

It’s so TOP

You put on the suit, you feel that you’re dressed, so you walk with confidence !!!!

AB – Canada

Parcel well received

The dress is really big and beautiful! Thank you so much!

Lau – Quebec, Canada

Very beautiful

Good quality and great smell!

Laurence – Canada

I received the dress I bought on your website! It’s beautiful and I really like the sticker from your company! Plus the package smells so good.

Titine – Canada

Even the packaging bears the shop’s name. Very well thought out, Solanges. Well done!


Thank you JelaniStore I received my order. The delivery was very fast. Thank you for the attention that you give to customers with this warm thank you card. I am very satisfied.


Solanges, I received the dress I bought on your website! It’s beautiful and I love the sticker from your company! And the package smells so good! Great job!


If I like it? No sis, I love it !

It’s beautiful, it smells good and it’s perfect for any occasion.
Frankly, I was expecting “good” but this is “excellent”.


OMG Sis !!!! I’ve just got my parcel and I’ve got lots of things to say so bear with me

  1. The fragrance of the dresses is to die for, what’s the brand?
  2. Each dress is carefully wrapped and folded (I didn’t know that I cared about these things before today)
  3. The colours are even brighter in real life than in the photo which is amazing
  4. The fabric please, I didn’t expect it to feel so good on my skin. Usually African fabrics are “rough” on the skin but Jelani’s made me regret all the money I spent on fabrics that sting or feel uncomfortable.
  5. I have to talk about the equipment you used again because I’m really shocked. The quality of this !!!!
  6. The sizes are just as they say on the page. I was worried that as it’s African fabric it would be too tight or too loose. It was perfect.

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