Ode to African elegance

Jelani was born of a collaboration between two sisters of African origin, Eva & Solange, the founders. We have lived in different countries and fallen in love with the beauty of this continent. Today, we’d like to share our unique creations with you. Jelani means “powerful” in Kiswahili, the most widely spoken African language in the world. The choice of this name was no accident, as the brand’s ambition is to represent the power of African unity through the beauty of fabric, throughout the world.

Fabrics with different textures & representing different cultures

At Jelani, each fabric is selected at source, in its country of origin, to guarantee its authenticity. These fabrics are the key components of Jelani creations. The clothes are designed as unique pieces by local craftsmen to reflect the uniqueness of each human being. This uniqueness is also expressed by the exclusive ornaments that often accompany Jelani outfits.

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